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Dream Pang China 10″ Cymbal


The 10” Pang’s splash is unbelievably fast and punchy yet has a character all its own. Add some sizzles for even broader effect. Dream Pang series offers a whole new world of color.

Every Dream cymbal is hand-made and hand-hammered, painstakingly created from fire, base metal and human spirit to create an individual masterpiece. The hand-craftsmanship of our master smiths is apparent in every Dream cymbal.

Each Dream cymbal or gong starts out as copper, tin, and other elements, mixed with years of mastery to cast the bronze disks. When sufficiently aged, each disk is repeatedly heated and forged by hammer into the primal shape of a cymbal. After careful tempering the instruments are again aged until it is time to bring out their voice.

Skillful hammering by a dedicated team of smiths results in a raw, dark-colored cymbal that is battered and scarred from countless precise blows. These will become exceptional musical offerings.

The next stage is the lathing of the metal surface. With every pass of the lathe worker’s knife, the visual and aural identity of each cymbal is revealed. An instrument with a fine new voice is literally born of bronze, fire, hammer and knife.

Next the cymbal will again rest and mature and have final hammering for some models, as well as polishing, matching and printing.

Launched in 2005, Dream cymbals is the partnership of passionate Canadian instrument designers and generations of Chinese gong smiths. This is the beginning of a new era of top quality instruments at prices any musician can afford.

Try one today and find out what your Dreams sound like.

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Once in a while a new cymbal comes along that is a must have and redefines a generation of drummers. The new Pang series from Dream may be just that for this generation.

Neither a china nor a ride nor a swish, it somehow combines elements of all of these to create a whole new color in cymbals sounds. The unique inverted bell combined with the radical shape creates an extremely fast crash with a sound palette that is entirely new. Loud, brash but not strident.

Surface: lathed, standard knife
Bow: double flange
Bell: shallow, inverted and slightly flattened
Weight: medium
Hammering: deep hammered hot and cold
Stick: very clear, cutting projection
Wash: explosive, fast, loud, raw


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