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As a part of Erie Music, we are Norfolk’s largest, most complete, and original professional music teaching facility located in Simcoe, Ontario. We’ve been helping people learn, enjoy and spread the wonderful gift of music since 1995!

Our focus is to help aspiring musicians of any age to achieve their goals in a relaxed yet professional atmosphere.Our teachers are qualified, professional musicians ready to take anyone to the next level in their musical journey!

The Studios at Erie Music is happy to offer professional music lessons from qualified teachers. With an emphasis on meeting each individual’s musical needs and interests our teachers can help anyone achieve their musical goals whether it’s Conservatory/Professional preparation or just for personal satisfaction in a fun and relaxed environment. We offer:

Piano Lessons
Guitar Lessons
Ukulele Lessons
Bass Lessons
Violin Lessons
Drum Lessons
Saxophone Lessons
Clarinet Lessons
Flute Lessons
Vocal/Singing Lessons & Training
Harmonica Lessons
Cello Lessons
Trumpet Lessons
Music Theory
and more!

Contact Us

We are located at 400 Queensway W., in Simcoe ON.

Phone us at 519-429-3233

Open Monday-Friday Noon to 9pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm


Our Teachers

The Instructors and staff at The Studios At Erie Music are highly qualified, professional people who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals whether it’s just a “just for fun” approach or to attain RCM or other credits. From beginner to advanced, we can make your musical learning experience fun and satisfying.

Cassia Billington – Piano/Keyboards, Cello, beginner Violin

Cassia Billington is a dynamic, young teacher with the ability to teach students both young and old. Whether for Conservatory grading or for personal enjoyment, Cassia’s teaching methods produce great results. Her credentials include Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8 Piano, Grade 7 Theory, earned 1st Place at the Brantford Kiwanis Festival, Grade 11 Keyboard Course Honours from The Virtual Learning Centre and is currently a cellist in the Little Strings Senior Orchestra. Cassia tries to ensure that every student achieves their goals in a fun, yet professional environment!

Bob Boisclair – Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass

With over 40 years of playing experience, Bob Boisclair is a gifted musician and teacher. Bob has played in many bands and has much touring and live experience to his credit. He has also recorded with some of Canada’s most gifted singer-songwriters. Bob has the ability to play almost any style of music with a fluidity and ease that makes you wonder “how’d he do that?”. Unlike some naturally gifted guitarists, Bob can teach what he knows in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

Josh Cavan – Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele

Josh is a young teacher with knowledge and experience well beyond his age! With an Honours Bachelor of Music Degree from Humber College and much time in various music projects, Josh is a great musical resource for students of any age or level. He is a member of several Toronto based bands with musical styles ranging from pop, rock and blues to gypsy jazz and touring throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Northern US. In addition to playing a wide variety of instruments, Josh also is well versed in writing and arranging songs as well as recording and mixing. Students will appreciate the time and effort Josh puts into making sure learning music is a fun, exciting and rewarding experience.

Music Should Be Fun

John Mulholland – Drums and Percussion

John is a wealth of percussion talent and a natural teacher. With over 35 years of playing in everything from rock bands to symphony orchestras, John can teach any style of drumming and percussion. John’s students benefit from his 30 plus years of teaching in the public school system. We are very happy to have John here to teach not only drums but djembe, congas, bongos, timpani and all things percussion!

Mary Simon – Vocals/Singing, Piano, Song Writing, Beginner Guitar

Mary comes to us with a wealth of songwriting, touring, playing, recording and teaching experience! Her years of playing in clubs and festivals plus a four year stint aboard international cruise ships has equipped her to help anyone looking to learn how to sing (or improve their vocals), play piano or guitar. And having written, sung and recorded five solo albums certainly qualifies her as someone who can help any burgeoning songwiter. She also is co-founder of the band Mississippi Bends. In addition to this wealth of experience, Mary is an excellent teacher! Able to relate to her students in a “down to earth”, fun and easily understandable manner. With a focus on helping her students achieve their musical goals, Mary is sure to connect to anyone wanting to begin or continue their musical journey! Check her out at: ,

Nick Urech – Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Ukulele

Nick is goldmine of musical talent and knowledge! A career guitar player, who has played with some of music’s finest players. He was a student of the Berkeley College of Music Theory Course. He grew up in the Hamilton, Ontario music environment before heading to New York’s incredible Music Scene during the 1960’s/70’s. This experience shows as Nick has a fluidity and poise on the fretboard that is fantastic. Nick has the ability to relate his vast knowledge to others- young or old- making him a great teacher.

David Wilkins – Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Trumpet, Clarinet

With a vast understanding of music, David is able to pass on to others- young or old- his musical knowledge in a way that is fun and enjoyable. His experience includes playing in a number of local bands/groups and he is currently a member of The Gentlemen of Harmony singing ensemble. David’s qualifications also include some years of scholastic teaching of younger students. Students appreciate the effort David puts into ensuring learning music is enjoyable, fun, and rewarding.

Helen Thompson – Sheduler/Administrator

Helen is an integral part of The Studios at Erie Music team! Her dedication and organizational abilities help keep the “train on the tracks” and make both the student’s and teacher’s lives easier. As the sheduler and co-ordinator, she works with each student, new or returning, to find the right day, time and teacher for their lessons. But it’s more than just scheduling, she takes the time to get to know each student and their goals and needs and does it all with a great attitude and smile. Contact Helen Mon-Thurs 1pm-6pm at 519-429-3233.



Have questions about The Studios at Erie Music lessons? Just read on for answers to the most asked questions.

1) Why should I enroll myself, or my child in music lessons?

The reasons for learning to play music are numerous and varied but the best reason should be for Enjoyment! Playing an instrument has many health and social benefits in addition to just being Fun and Rewarding. For a complete list of the benefits of taking music lessons see The Top Reasons for Learning Music section.

2) What is the right age to start music lessons?

There is no “right age” to start learning an instrument. The Studios at Erie Music have taught students ranging in age from 4 years to 84 years old. A general starting guideline is–please remember this is a general guideline, there are always exceptions due to attention spans and physical size;

Violin 5 yrs old

Guitar 6yrs old

most Woodwinds – Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute etc. 8 yrs old due to needing a somewhat developed lung capacity

most Brass instruments – Trumpet, Trombone etc. 8 yrs old due to needing a somewhat developed lung capacity

Vocal 6 yrs old

Drums 7 yrs old but can vary depending on physical size, arms & legs need to reach pedals and cymbals

Piano 5 yrs old

3) How much does it cost?

Music lessons at The Studios at Erie Music cost $26.00 per lesson. Each standard lesson is 1/2 hr and 1 hr lessons are available in certain cases as deemed acceptable by the instructor. Lessons are private to ensure each student recieves the best instruction but we do also offer Online Lessons with some of our teachers. Please inquire for more information about our Online Lessons. Beginning students will most likely have to purchase a book or possibly two, with the average cost for introductory books being less than $15.00. More advanced students will have to purchase more books as required and again, most books will range from $10-$25.00 on average.

Start Your Journey

4) What if I don’t have an instrument?

If you don’t have an instrument, we have a limited number of rental instruments available but we encourage you to purchase your own to get the full enjoyment from your musical journey. (Our sister business, Erie Music, has many quality instruments at reasonable prices, plus great service!)

5) What days are you open?

The Studios at Erie Music hours:

Monday-Friday…..1 pm – 9 pm

Saturdays………………10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Our lessons go year round and we are very accomodating for those taking holidays.

6) What about cancellations?

We ensure a professional teaching environment and your weekly lesson time is reserved for you. Your teacher is contracted to be there for you, so if you need to cancel, you are required to inform The Studios at Erie Music at least 24 hrs in advance at which time an alternate “make-up lesson” may be arranged. One “make-up lesson” is allowed per semester. Should you cancel without notice you will still be charged the normal cost for that lesson. In the case of inclement weather please call us for closures or cancellations.

Music is Emotion

7) What qualifications do your teachers have?

All of our teachers carry various forms and combinations of qualifications and experience. For more information on our music instructors see Our Teachers section.

8) I would like to schedule two or more children for lessons at the same time, can this be done?

Yes, we will do our best to accomodate multiple lessons simultaneously. For people/families requiring multiple lessons at the same time please contact us to arrange the best times available.

9) Are there any chances to perform?

Absolutely! If the student wishes, we have opportunities to participate in our “Celebration of Music” and Recitals. These are chances to perform in front of a live audience and feel the sense of accomplishment and excitement of Live Performance!


Why Take Lessons?

Ever wonder why you should learn music or play an instrument? Here are our Top 8 Reasons to Learn Music.

1)FUN! ENJOYMENT! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best reason to learn/play music is for your own enjoyment. You should want to play. If others like what you do that’s great, but you should enjoy it first. If you do, then that feeling of joy and fun will almost automatically pour through your music and any listeners will also feel it (and ideally enjoy it, too)!

2)Better intellectual capacity and sharpened memory. More and more studies are showing that learning and playing music can help to increase brain function. Check out this article about a Stanford University study indicating how learning music can help how the brain processes spoken words. The researchers think there may be a link to helping with Dyslexia and other reading problems. Wow!

Music Creates Inner Peace

3)Discipline and Patience. The process of learning how to play an instrument or learn music theory or even vocal technique is a many layered journey. It is a fun and rewarding adventure, but it does take time, effort, practice, discipline and patience. The payoff is huge, though! The feeling one gets when mastering a new chord, song or technique is second to none. And these learned attributes of patience, perseverance and discipline transcend into everyday life situations constantly.

4)Stress Relief! Ever have “one of those days” where things just seem to drive you crazy? Well, when you play music you have a natural outlet for your stress. Many studies are showing the wonderful benefits of playing music and among them are stress relief. Read this article in Medical News Today observing the stress relieving characteristics of learning and playing music.

5)Achievement & Self Esteem. There is nothing like the feeling of learning and perfecting something. And when it’s music, that feeling is even more pronounced! Imagine learning and then singing/playing your favorite song for someone else or a whole audience of people. The hard work of learning that music pays off with the most wonderful feeling of self worth and accomplishment!

Music Builds Self Esteem

6)Communication of Emotions and Feelings. For some people music is their outlet. People who may have trouble expressing themselves have a creative and, in some cases, a non-destructive way of communicating what they may be feeling. From On-Top-of-The-World happiness to desperate loneliness or sadness, with music these feelings can be portrayed in a healthy way.

7)Teamwork. Yes, team building characteristics can be found in playing music. If you want to be in a band, orchestra, group, or any other form of music with more than one person, you have to work with others. In an orchestra, you are part of a specific group of instruments that must work well with the other parts. In a rock band, you are one of a group of players that must interact and work well with the other players. And, if you want that band to go anywhere you really have to be a “team player”. It’s not always just about one person!

8)Learn Social Skills. Closely related to Teamwork, above, most musicians meet and interact with many other people, musicians and non-musicians alike. The ability to communicate and behave with others, whether your music teacher, band or orchestra member, friend or, down the road perhaps, a club owner, an audience member, or even your own student is a skill learned through the musical experience itself.
As a musician/player for over 20 years and now in the music business (retail) for the last 15 years, I can honestly say that music has changed my life – definitely for the better! Try it for yourself or for your child.