Gibson A Mandolin -1919-20


Here’s a really nice Gibson A-0 mandolin from what I believe would be 1919 or 1920.

It is in excellent condition for a hundred year old instrument!

There are no cracks, breaks or visible repairs.
The tuners have been changed as can be seen. There is a second set of tuners which I don’t think are the originals (they may be, but I’m not positive). They seem to work well, I’m not sure why they were changed out.
The original pickguard is with it. It could just use a little felt on the bottom to make it sit properly.
The bridge may be a later bridge, but the original owner claims it hasn’t been changed that he’s aware of, so you be judge.

The numbers on the Gibson label inside have faded making it quite difficult to read and get an exact year of manufacture.

It comes in the case pictured. It, too, is in very good shape.

Product Description

A beautiful, hand made vintage Gibson A-0 mandolin in very good condition! It’s got great action and a wonderful, big tone. Get this piece of Gibson history today.

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 24 x 6 in


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