Bad Cat X Treme Tone Guitar Pedal – SOLD


Want great tube overdrive tone? Here’s the Bad Cat X Treme Tone.

It’s in excellent condition and functions as it should.

This pedal provides two distinct gain modes: half-boost and full-boost. Punch on the half-boost when you want some warm, edgy crunch. Then when it’s time for the tune to scream, kick it into Stage 2 to thicken the overdrive gain.

Gain Boost Stage 1 provides transparent volume matching of the effect IN/OUT to your amplifier’s output level, complete interactive tone bass + treble operation with ample clean headroom and generous smooth gain boost.

Gain Boost Stages 1 + 2 provides additional crunch to the gain boost stage for a dramatic increase and thickening of the overdrive gain. This mode allows independent manipulation of the layered gain stages. Stage 2 is the jaw-dropper, really thickening the overdrive gain for a huge, screaming sound.

Original box, manual and power cable (a standard AC cable is all that’s needed) not included.