Ticketmaster helping people resell their own tickets?

“Ticketmaster wants to share in the profits of the resale market by facilitating the mass scalping of its tickets — in direct violation of its own terms of use.”

According to a report in The Toronto Star- – Ticketmaster is actually helping people buy and then resell tickets on the secondary market, also known as scalping tickets.

“Reporters from the Star and CBC, posing as small-time scalpers from Canada, listened as sales staff pitched a proprietary Ticketmaster software program designed to help bulk buyers resell thousands of tickets.”

It’s pretty bad when the biggets ticket seller is promoting the secondary market to gain even more profit but what can be done? Pearl Jam tried to boycott years ago and found out pretty quickly that it just didn’t work, they NEEDED a giant ticket seller to help sell out tours.

Where is the integrity in business today? Where is the sense of fairness? Offer a product/sevice at a fair price (and fair profit, of course–that’s why people are in business after all) and the public will appreciate and happily support that business.

These days it seems that businesses, especially the BIG businesses, don’t care. They have a monopoly and they’ll do whatever they want to make more and more money.

Ethics just don’t matter anynore.